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    Cash home buyers vs. traditional approaches

    When you’re thinking about selling a home, the individual or organization you choose to aid you in this endeavor is going to have a huge effect on your overall experience.

    Here’s some information comparing your different options so that you can decide for yourself which one is going to be the best for your particular situation.

    Initial comparison

    If you go with a real estate investor like us, you’re going to have some advantages over the traditional approach because there are no fees paid by you. No commissions, no fees, no inspections, no appraisals, etc. For example, the average rate for you’re going to pay a real estate agent is going to be an average of 6% only for their commission. Plus. On top of that, there are often many other fees that stack up as well such as closing costs, contingencies, appraisals, inspections, etc.

    So, for example, if a traditional agent costs you 6% of the cost of the home you’re buying, and then adds another 1% in costs related to preparing the home and staging it, plus adds another 2% for “seller concessions,” this is already up to 9%. Then, when you add on another 1% for closing costs and often, another 1% on top of that for overlap and homeownership costs, that’s 11% or more that you’re paying on the total cost of the home. When you work with us, you pay ZERO fees of any kind and walk away with cash in your pocket.
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    Breakdown of fees

    See for yourself which option best fits your goals.
    Selling w/ Real Estate Agent Selling to Us
    Commissions Average 6% paid by the seller None
    Closing Costs Paid by seller None- We pay closing costs
    Contingencies Yes, many sales fall through because of this None
    Appraisals Yes, appraisal frequently required None, we pay cash
    Days on Market Avg 3 months on market Never on the market
    Showings Many showings None
    Repairs & Cleaning Paid for by seller None, we take care of the repairs
    Closing Date 1-2 months after offer acceptance You choose the closing date