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    Avoid foreclosure by selling your home for cash now

    It happens before you know it. You lose your job or your child goes to the emergency room for a broken arm, and you find with these expenses and events that you can’t pay your mortgage. As the weeks go by, you try to get the money together to pay your debt. You talk to the bank or mortgage company, but they aren’t willing to wait for you to catch up on payments, and you see your first foreclosure notifications.

    One way to avoid foreclosure is to sell your home. Of course, selling your home isn’t always a quick thing to do. However, you can turn to one of those cash for houses companies that buy homes in almost any condition for cash. With a cash sale, you can close the sale on your home more quickly, avoiding foreclosure.

    Benefits of selling your home for cash

    Once the process starts, the only way to halt a foreclosure is to declare bankruptcy or sell your home and pay off the mortgage. If you declare bankruptcy, it will be worse than having a foreclosure on your credit but you’ll probably be able to stay in your home. You might want to stay in your home and consider this an acceptable consequence.

    However, if you want to keep your credit score in good shape, you need to pay off that mortgage. Fast Home Buyers is your local Texas company that buys homes for cash and without any repairs. They deal with many clients who are in situations similar to your own, and they understand the importance of getting cash into your hand to pay off the mortgage.

    If you try to sell your home the traditional way with a real estate agent, it’s going to cost you a lot of money, money that you don’t have. After walking through your home, your agent is going to provide you with a list of repairs and upgrades for you to make before even putting the home on the market. Depending on the condition of your home, these repairs could cost a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Your agent will argue that these repairs will help you get a higher selling price, but it isn’t always enough to cover the cost of the repairs.

    Once your agent sells your home, you’ll pay them a commission. This can be anywhere from three to six percent of the selling price of the home. If you sell your home for $100,000, you may end up paying the real estate agent a commission of $6,000 or more. This is money that you desperately need to meet your bills.

    Also, we will pay closing costs, which can run into thousands of dollars, so this can save you a lot of money.

    With a foreclosure bearing down on you, time is almost as important as money to avoid this legal action. From the moment you hire a traditional real estate agent, you’re losing time. First, you’ll spend anywhere from a week to a month making repairs and upgrades on your home before even putting the home on the market.

    Once the home is on the market, it’s a waiting game to find a buyer. You can wait as long as six months to a year to get an offer, depending on the current health of the real estate marketing. Getting an offer doesn’t mean that you’ve sold your home. You may spend another week going back and forth with a possible buyer to settle on a contract.

    Now, you need to wait for the closing date. This is almost always going to take a month or longer. You have to wait for the buyer to solidify their financing on the sale of your home. Mortgage companies don’t work quickly. You may also have to wait for the buyer to sell their current home before they can close. All of these things can eat up the limited amount of time that you have to avoid a foreclosure on your home.

    If you own a home or piece of property in Texas that is giving you more headaches than help, try a different home selling solution. Fast Home Buyers take the problems out of your hand and puts cash in your pocket.

    If you’re interested in selling a home in any condition in the Fort Worth Texas area, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re happy to answer questions, discuss your unique situation, and give you a cash offer right away.
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    Steps involved in selling your home to us

    It can be scary doing something for the first time. One of the ways to feel better is to learn more about the process and steps involved. Selling your home to Fast Home Buyers is probably easier than you imagine. There are several steps involved in selling your home to one of these companies. Some of them involve action on your part and others don’t. Here’s a look at the steps: