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    Fast Home Buyers is the #1 choice for homeowners when it comes to selling your house fast. We strive to focus on what is best for our clients and how we can create the quickest & easiest home selling experience they have ever had. From first contact, to the closing table, we guarantee you will love working with us.

    We are exceptional at removing the stress of selling your house. We buy houses fast, as is, in any situation

    We understand that there may be any number of reasons that have brought you to the decision to sell your house fast. We buy houses no matter the situation or condition. Our friendly real estate experts will help guide you through the process all while making sure you see the transaction as a win-win situation. We go the extra mile to custom tailor a solution for your situation and make sure your specific needs are met. After providing years of quality services to Fort Worth, Texas homeowners, we know that “cookie cutter” solutions just do not cut it. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

    Your personal team of real estate problem solving experts

    We make selling your home fast, easy, and practical

    There are many reasons that you need to sell your home quickly. Perhaps, you’ve gotten behind in your payments and need to sell to pay off the mortgage, or you inherited your grandmother’s home and don’t want the hassle of fixing it up yourself.

    You don’t want to mess with hiring a real estate agent, repairing your home, and opening it to hundreds of prospective buyers who show up with only a few minute’s notice.
    You need to find someone who is willing to pay cash now without a real estate agent involved. Fast Home Buyers in Fort Worth, Texas are willing to buy your home as-is and as a cash sale for a faster closing date.
    “Austin and Joe were true to their word and gave us a great price on our house in Fort Worth. These guys are great!”

    Virginia Benavidez

    When we buy your house, you save

    Save Money

    If you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, their first move is to show up and inspect your home. After the inspection, they’ll present you with a list of repairs and updates to make. This can be anything, including fresh paint, new hardwood floors, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and more.
    A real estate agent makes their money from the commission they receive on your home. The more your home sells for means the more money they make. This may sound good, but they’re willing to let you spend tens of thousands of dollars on repairs to drive the price up while likely not getting enough to cover the repair costs.
    When you sell your home through a real estate agent instead of a cash buyer, such as We Buy Houses in Fort Worth, Texas, you pay a commission. This can be anywhere between six and 16 percent of the selling price. With us there is no commissions.

    Save The Frustration

    If you’ve ever sold a home with a real estate agent, you know what a hassle the entire process is. You start with a list of repairs or renovations to make. Once that’s done, your real estate agent sends a photographer and videographer to your home to take photos. Your home goes on the market, and one of those signs goes up in your yard.
    Now, you wait for a prospective buyer to want to see your home. During this time, you must keep your home pristine and ready to show with only a few minute’s notice. If you have small children, this can create a lot of stress.
    Once you have an offer on your home, there is the back and forth until a contract is agreed upon. Even after you have a contract, if the buyer’s financing or sale of their home doesn’t go through, you can still be forced to start over again.

    Save Time

    Selling your home the traditional way is time consuming. After meeting with a real estate agent, you have to make improvements to your home, and if they’re extensive, it could take a couple of months. Once your home is on the market, you have to wait for a buyer to make an offer. It can take days, weeks, or months just to get an offer on your home.

    Avoid Repairs

    In a traditional home sale, you want your home to sell for top dollar, and you’ll do some repairs before putting the home on the market. If it’s items that you can do yourself, you’ll need devote a lot of time to doing them. When you need to hire a professional, you’ll spend money making the repairs. You have to watch the budget carefully to ensure that you aren’t spending more than you’ll recoup in the sale.

    Our process. Simple as 1 - 2 - 3


    Once you submit your information, you can expect us to reach out within 24 hrs. There is no obligation or pressure, we just want to get to know you, your situation, and your property.


    Our team will come meet with you. During this meeting we will see what kind of condition your home is in. We will present an all cash offer and it is your choice to accept or decline. No obligation or pressure.


    After you accept the offer, you set the closing date. If you need some time to pack or take care of things, that’s totally fine. If you want to close by the end of the week, we can make it happen.

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